Monday, February 8, 2010

Prizes in peacock-naming contest

Four prizes will be sent to the persons coming up with the best names for our peacocks. Those prizes are copies of my book, LIONS & TIGERS & MARES--oH, MY! And they will be autographed ones. So, for each name selected, I'll send that prize-winning name's owner an autographed book.

We've gotten some super-creative names so far, but the contest for naming my two female and two male peacocks isn't over until March 31st, so you all have plenty of time to mull things over and get back to me. I'm excited about this contest; without it, I wouldn't be speaking with any of you fun people. For that alone, the contest is worth it.

Now, realize that you need to sign up as followers on my blogsite in order for you to be eligible to win a book. So, if you already posted a comment, be sure to sign up as a follower.

Oh, yes. I wanted to post, also, that we counted 34 deer beyond our window at dusk last night. What a sight! And I just came inside from putting another couple of gallons of corn in the trough for tonight's feeding. But we may miss the deer tonight because Li'l Ralphie has an appointment with a veterinary opthalmalogist. My people eye doctor said Li'l Ralphie has a cataract. I hope the doctor recommends surgery because Li'l Raphie deserves it. Just maybe we'll be able to help restore some of his eyesight.

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