Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Gift from Tobias

Never underestimate the intelligence of a pig.
Here's a short video of our visit to The Tusk and Bristle. While we visited the pig sanctuary in up-state New York, we were accompanied on our walk amongst the pigs by Suzy the warthog and Tobias and Ellie Mae, the Bornean bearded pigs.
These three wild pigs loved our company, mine, in particular. In fact, Tobias so appreciated my belly rubs and my friendship that he presented me with a gift. Now, he couldn't go to the mall to buy me perfume or anything; he had to make do with what was available.See in the video what he gave me. Doyou detect a note of shyness as he presented me with his gift?
I don't think I ever was given a present that I appreciated more.
Tobias is my new boyfriend.


  1. Gay, I hope you hung on to that special gift that Tobias gave you! I love reading about your visit to the Tusk and Bristle. Carol is a dear friend, and I have had the incredible good fortune to have visited twice. Last time I was there, Ellie and Susy were only babies, and Tobias had not yet arrived. The first time I saw the produce feast, I was amazed as well. So many great memories.

  2. The feather gift was very sweet! (I would have preferred a cupcake). Those warthogs seems like a very friendly bunch.