Monday, May 3, 2010

two more winners in peacock-naming contest

Today is the deadline for naming the winners of the peacock-naming contest. Stella Dora Von Swineburg has won with her names for the females: Apeagail and Ashpea. But I need one more name for the male bird yet. Then, I'll have all four: Cindy Sproles' "Peater," and Stella's "Apeagail" and "Ashpea."

I just need one more perfect one with "pea" in the name for the other male bird. If I get no response by the end of the day, I might have to come up with something myself.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest. We still do not have the birds yet--are arguing over where to situate the pen--but when we get them, I'll let you know and post pics.

And I have yet to talk with Louie Jay's mom yet to see how he is doing with his new wheels. That will likely be my next post. Thanks, again.


  1. Oh boy I won! Did I win a twinkie! I hope I won a twinkie! I love twinkies!

  2. Yes, for you,Stella, one of my favorite porcine friends, you win a twinkie as well as my book, Lions & Tigers & Mares--Oh, My!

  3. Oh boy Oh boy! I love books too! Tecumy takes them away from me because I rip them up to use them in my nest, but as I won this one, its MINE!!!