Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Purrl--Part Six

My raccoon kit has her suck reflex back, making it entirely easier to feed her. She downs half a bottle in just a few minutes. And she loves her nest I made her in the kitchen with that sack loaded with grain that can be heated in the microwave. I wrap it in a towel so as not to burn her.

Today after her second feeding, I recommended she stretch her legs and take a walk around the kitchen. On this tiny, springy legs, she maneuvered herself, trembling as she crawled across the tiled floor. When her nose hit the garbage can, she started hollering, screeching bloody murder. I ran over, saw that she was safe and told her so. She immediately calmed down and began another lap around the kitchen.

What a difference inher attitude and appearance since the night we rescued her from the exhaust pipe of the bathroom fan. She's perky, her skin is a lot looser on her--not dried onto her body--and she has started to act normal. In fact, I can say that she appears normal altogether--as in what is normal for a raccoon. She loves to snuggle in a person's neck, and her nose inspecting my skin never fails to give me goosebumps.

All in all--I'm enjoying raising Purrl. I can't wait to take her outside and show her how to climb a tree. But that must wait a few more weeks. Right now I just want to insure her good health, which she seems to have now.

Thanks for listening. And I will get back to you on Louie Jay.

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  1. Glad all is well! This is exciting....Birthday Purrl and Louie Jay and his hot wheels! We're waiting for the next installment!