Friday, June 26, 2009

Genevieve and Cookies and Cream

Here is Genevieve (on the left) and Cookies and Cream. At least she had six nice months feasting on grass. That's not their pasture they're standing in; it's the barnyard, which has no grass. The pasture is way off in the background. Belties and bird nests--works of art.
Rest peacefully, Genevieve.


  1. They are a pretty group....Cookies and Cream look much smaller than Genevieve, are they a lot younger with more growing to do?
    I enjoy the pics.

  2. Cookies & Cream are a bit over a year old. Genevieve was 14, at least. The average life-expectancy of a cow like Genevieve, that is, not a dairy cow, is 15 years. We think she may have been older than fourteen years. They certainly are stunning, aren't they?

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