Sunday, June 21, 2009

clown fish is a clown

This morning we cleaned out our 200 gallon saltwater aquarium. My husband, Edgar, was whisking algae from the glass walls, but the little clown fish resented the intrusion. Throughout the brushing of the walls, the clown fish darted after the long-handled brush, biting, threatening to tear it to shreds if it didn't get out of his tank. Edgar and I laughed as the brave fish took on this brush that was at least twenty times taller than he or she. The more Edgar swiped away algae, the more the clown fish attacked the brush. Edgar could feel the tiny fish-bite vibrations go up through the brush and into his hand. When he finished, the fish calmed his fins and hovered in one place; he looked very proud of himself, for, for sure, the monster brush had been scared away by his attacks, he probably thought.
I learned two things from this experience: little occurences in life comprise much of the joy and laughter. Also, just because an animal is a fish, a guinea pig, a rat, a fly, doesn't mean he or she doesn't have personality.


  1. I'm thrilled that you have a blog! I loved all the stories in your book about LowelL and I can't give enough praise to the Doc and all his associates that help to keep my Stella well and happy! You have a faithful follower here!

  2. Well, Tecu'Mish--you know we love all our animals and those under my husband's care, Stella being one of the finest of pot-bellies around. I hope to have a publisher soon for my finest ms. so far: THE CELEBRATED PET: HOW AMERICANS MEMORIALIZE THEIR ANIMAL FRIENDS. It's not sad at all, though people might think so. Au contraire, it's humorous, poignant, and simply unique. Some lucky publisher will have a great book here. Wish me luck, and I can't wait to see Stella again. Hope she's enjoying the sunshine these days.