Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I could wring Death around her shriveled black neck for torturing my friends and me without remorse, without consideration, without reason.  It seems she, or is it a he, randomly takes our human and pet friends, willy-nilly, from us--as though she's entertaining herself or trying to remind us all when we are having a "good run" in life that we shouldn't get too enthusiastic because she's right around the corner ready to spring another attack on us.

Death is the grand spoiler.  She interrupts, spoils, disrupts, and shocks.  She is the ultimate Shock Jock.  And I hate her.  We all hate her.

Recently she stole my Ricky cat, and I can smell her hovering over my two old, arthritic horses.  And, who knows?  She may even have her vacuous eye on me as I drive, as I shop, as I sleep.  One never knows when or where the spoiler will next appear.

Just two days ago she came to my friend, Mare's, house and stole her cat, Meg--Mare's best buddy for 20 years and 4 months.  She came stealthily, leaving little signs for months, like mouse turds in a cabinet, that she had an eye on Meg.  As Meg's appetite grew slimmer and slimmer, Mare knew Death was stalking her friend.  She did all she could do to stave off the rancid devil, but she showed up for an overnight visit the other night.

And that was the end of Meg.

I post Meg's picture here so that not only my friends can appreciate Mare's cat for her loyalty, her affectionate nature, her lust for life, but also so that Death can see it too, if she's on Facebook, Twitter, or reads my blogs.  I want Death to know that she fails in so many ways.  She fails because we all have the ability to remember our loved ones and pass on their memory to others who may remember and pass it on to still others.  She fails because in our various ways, many of us prepare memorials to the one who she's taken from us and, therefore, keep that dead one alive.  She fails because, through science and good medicine, we mortals can often hold her back until she comes at us with a vengeance.  She fails because we eventually triumph over our misery.

Death, you loser, Be Not Proud!


  1. thank you for writing ..........always and forever remembered never forgotten.

  2. Gay, death is just as natural as birth. Whatever is born must therefore die. Stars are born and die. Mountains are born and die. Yin and Yang. Don't hate death, see it for what it is, a part of nature. Rember energy cannot be created nor destoyed, therefore they are not truly gone just have changed form.

  3. Dear Unknown, I guess we two could argue until the goats come home because until someone actually comes back from the dead and tells us all what it's going to be like, neither of us know much about Death except that here, in ths place, at this time, that person or animal ceases to exist in ts body and personality and soul. I don't know by any proof that dead beings change form: I have no proof of that. Therefore, any concept of Death must be relegated purely to belief. I don't agree with you, but I appreciate your comment. Thanks.