Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Celebrating the Life of Boo

Mare and I are celebrating the life of Boo, Mare's beloved Siamese, who died on September 9, 2009. His life is one worth remembering, as are all the lives of our pets so dear to us. They offer us comfort when we're stressed; they never criticize, badger, or nag us. They seem to know when we're not feeling well or feeling down in spirit. They need no blackberries, no fancy clothes, no gourmet feasts. They have us.

Boo was an exceptional cat about which the world deserves to know. Before his death he raced Mare's halls, a huge 16 pound ball of fury and love wrapped up in a beige and tan cat suit. As he ran, motorcycling through the living room, he pounded the floorboards with his thunderous paws. When he wasn't skipping through the kitchen, he talked, murmured sweet somethings to his Mare, his human, and lap-sat her to sleep every night. And he shared his catnip, treats, and bedtime dreams with his elderly feline friends, Spotty and Meg, as well as Claudia the corgi.

I commemorate Boo's life and his relationship with his human companion, Mare. His life serves as a reminder to us all of the innocence, the honesty, the guilelessness embodied in our pets. Our pets' love and admiration for us is unprecedented--limitless. What more can a person ask of life than to have been owned and appreciated by a pet the likes of Boo.


  1. Our condolences to Mare on the passing of Boo.
    We believe he is happy and well in the spirit world.

  2. Aunt Mare is my aunt and I have loved all her animals since I was 2! Even though I never met Boo (I have have met Claudia!) I always wanted to and was very sad to hear about Boo.

  3. I am Mare's mother-in-law and I know of her love for her little friends. Mare is a sweet and loving person and I was sad when she told me that one of her little friends had passed. They give us so much, expecting so little in return.

  4. A cat worth remembering and a life that was loved.